Imed Alibi and his group come from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds: Europe (France), Africa (Tunisia), South America(Brazil) and the Middle East (Iraq). The universality of the Imed Alibi Project comes from their musical and technical skills. The Imed Alibi Project is ethically committed to achieving a musical fraternity through the art of music !

Using a wide variety of instruments, and by marrying acoustic and electric music, styles and genres – not by fusing them but by combining them in a complementary way. In playing, the musicians are conversing with each other. They summon the tragic histories of all humanity, whether African, Asian, European or American. We hear in their music the rage of rock, the lyrical cry of the blues, the meditations of India’s gurus, the ecstatic trances of the Sufis, the tenderness of the swaying samba and meringué, the songs of Eastern divas and the eternal need for peace, freedom and love expressed in all authentic music and which is a journey that transcends history and geography and takes us to the heart of hope and the enigma of being human. Listening to these compositions you sense more than pleasure and joy – this is an intimate meditation on the meaning of our lives.

Extract from a text by Salim Mokaddem (Philosopher and adviser to the president of Niger)

Imed Alibi is an exceptional percussionist and musician. Widely travelled, he is the IPA’s founder. He started playing percussion at an early age in classical North African/Middle Eastern orchestras. He moved toMontpellier, France in the early 2000s, where he played in a variety of groups, working in a variety of styles – from flamenco, Eastern, gypsy fusion… bringing his musical talent to dance and theatre. For eight years he was on stage with the Boukakes, an oriental rock band that produced two studio albums. Since then he has played with Safy Boutella, Mamdouh Bahri,Ghalia Benali, Mercan Dede,Watcha clan, Michel Marre, Rachid Taha… He composed music for a documentary for the ARTE channel in 2012 . For three years, he played with the singer Emel Mathlouthi, on stage and in the studio. Since then he has been engaged in the international scene with his own project “ safar”.

Photo by Philippe Poulenas