The Voices of Rayahzone is a vocal ensemble interpreting a variety of the repertoire of sufi music of Tunisia.  This ensemble was created under very special circumstances, it was the fruit of the encounter of two talented choreographers ( Ali and Hedi Thabet ) and the creators of the successful dance piece “RAYAHZONE” and the musical director and arranger Sofyann Ben Youssef who was in charge to create the music for the show.
The needs of the piece triggered a whole experience and research, resetting the space and the colours of this music into a whole different balance. The musical approach did integrate a new dimension to the arrangements and the interpretation due to dramaturgic challenges within the show.
In a traditional context the sufi repertoire would be played by a big ensemble in ritual places ( zawiya ) with one soloists. in “the voices of Rayahzone” the four singers accompanied by their musical director, are all remarkable soloists. and the role of the soloist is decentralised from the traditional relation ship of “ soloist-choir”.

The songs are incorporating simplicity, flirting with harmony, unusual atmospheres, and powerful voices. The performance of the singers on stage is within an dramaturgical interpretation of the musical arrangements. The ensemble uses only voice and percussions “Bendir”, which brings the ears into a pure and organic appreciation.
Public at a large have already appreciated this ensemble through 3 consecutive years of touring with “Rayahzone” and performing over 60 times around the world.