TRIOMAK was created during an artistic residency at the international Art city of Paris.This original composer and pianist Mohamed Ali Kammoun surrounded himself with two enchanting soloists: Ney Master Hichem Badrani, and Prodigious Cuban singer / Cellist Ana Carla Maza. The unique aesthetics of this project are revealed through a strong modal anchor, fresh instrumentations and a modern conception of melody, rhythm and harmony. In this musical project, the Arabic music based improvisation and the Latin-American structures develop a symbiotic rapport resonating with the Varied and common roots of the three musicians. The trio aims to take us on a journey into the beautiful music of MAQAM with new spiritual influences.
The Piano, Ney and Cello ensemble, suggests a whole new sonic identity, yet to be explored.

Mohamed Ali Kammoun, pianist, composer and arranger of Arabic music with deep jazz influences. In 2015 he was honoured  four different international awards.
Started his solo career at the impressive age of 14  with the regional Music ensemble of Sfax (Tunisia), playing traditional Tunisian music, before turning to classical piano and jazz.
He emerged on the international scene in 2006, as project leader, with various creative performances, fusing traditional Tunisian music and various Eastern and Western musical languages.