The Tunisian Music export office is an independent platform founded in 2015 by Nicole Kayal and Sofyann Ben Youssef. It aims to support Tunisian artists, produce, manage and export their music worldwide. It’s main mission is to develop the actual scene, improve and sustain its international presence by developing an export strategy; it supports the existing productions, offers professional consultancy, assists in the development of new projects and promotes networking.

Since before the revolution, the cultural scene in Tunisia suffered from regional segregation, many music styles were banned from national media and kept out from the main stream and cultural initiatives were essentially developed in the capital or the other major cities.

In the absence of financial resources and funding opportunities along the lack of management and production skills, most of musical productions were either discontinued or leveled to meet only a low regional presence.

In the aftermath of unstable political and socio-economical events in Tunisia and the Arab world, our project answers the urgent need to support cultural development for its big role in shaping the society of tomorrow.

The main challenges remain in tracking back projects that didn’t have the chance to develop, creating a decentralization plan to cultural manifestations throughout the country, and most importantly boosting the shy presence of the Tunisian music in the international music scene and work on its sustainability, which involves a deep research, a solid export strategy, a structured field development program, and an extensive database.

Our actual view on how to improve the situation is through providing the right services as part of the solution; advocacy, information, networking , administrative and logistic assistance.

In October 2015, we launched a catalogue of Tunisian artists, you find more information in the Artists’s page.